Thursday, March 16, 2017

Still Point Gallery Not Easy Being Green Competition Includes Nancy Teague

Here's some fun news! My work was accepted to be part of Still Point Gallery's online themed competition - "It's Not Easy Being Green". What a theme!

If you love the color green, have thought it is not easy being green, or wonder what artists come up with focusing on green, then check out this unique work.

One of my paintings, "Bucolic", is featured on the top bar of images on the main page - fourth one to the right.

Still Point Arts Quarterly, a high quality art and literature publication, will feature these 'green works', in their upcoming Spring 2017 ~ Issue No. 25. To purchase go here.

Here are my pieces that are part of Still Point Gallery's 'green' competition.

"Bucolic"  20x20 Acrylic on Canvas  ©Nancy Teague

"Going Up"  40x30 Acrylic on Canvas  ©Nancy Teague

"Over Yonder"  8x8 Acrylic on Canvas  ©Nancy Teague

I'm not sure why some would think it's not easy being green, unless it has to do with the phrase "being green with envy". Talk about an unhappy place!

But, I love green. In fact, I can't wait for green to start popping up everywhere in my area. I am ready to be done with winter - browns and grays.

Come on GREEN! This color is also symbolic of new life, new beginnings, wholeness, and healing. Here's wishing you lots of good green in your life.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 New Year New Works N Teague Abstracts

I'm kicking off 2017 with several new paintings! Thought you might enjoy the energy and vibrancy in these recent works. May they give you a sense of renewed hope and excitement in another year of life.

"Make A Splash"  36x36x1.5 Acrylic Nancy Teague

"Grab The Day"  20x20x1.5 Acrylic  Nancy Teague

"Vigor In Your Day"  20x20x1.5 Acrylic  Nancy Teague

Wishing you special splashes of fun and risk. Wishing you vigor in your days. Fullness to you in 2017!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nancy Teague Diptych Installed KSU College of Business Administration Building

What an exciting day it was to deliver the six foot by eight foot diptych to KSU College of Business Administration's new building! Note the rented mini van to get them there.

Unloading one of two - "Risk In Progress"

Unwrapping of the protective coverings.

           Officially installed in the KSU CBA Executive Conference Room - "Risk In Progress" Diptych (each panel 72"x48")             Acrylic on Canvas ©2016 Nancy Teague

How fun to see "Risk In Progress" right at home among these risk takers - CEOs, Business Owners, Company Presidents, Regents, and Firm Partners - all connected to Kansas State University College of Business Administration!

Thanks again to Stacy Kovar (Assistant Dean KSU CBA) and her Art Committee and Paul Dorrell (Leopold Gallery Kansas City, MO) for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to do this commission!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How I Painted KSU CBA Diptcyh Commission

I always enjoy seeing how an artist does a piece of work. So here goes for you to see how I painted the diptych commission for Kansas State University College of Business Administration's new building.

This diptych (two paintings) will hang in the CBA Executive Conference Room. The following two images give you an idea of the location.

On site Signage for KSU CBA new Business Administration Building - completed August 2106
CBA Executive Conference Room under construction.
The niche at the far end will display the diptych.

Now check out the HOW and WHAT I did to complete this BIG commission.

Underground for the two panels.

Working on Panel 1 KSU CBA Commission - Nancy Teague

Support bars sure help in moving the panels for KSU CBA Commission - Nancy Teague

Stepping stool comes in handy on Panel 2 KSU CBA Commission - Nancy Teague

Now the lower areas on Panel 2 KSU CBA commission - Nancy Teague
Painting the sides of the canvas to complement the work - KSU Commission - Nancy Teague
Finally done!
I did it! "Risk In Progress" diptych 72"x96" Acrylic on Canvas ©2016 Nancy Teague
Did you catch my title? "Risk In Progress" - a special play on words!

Oh, and one last thing to do - Documentation! High resolution images are a must.

My goodness, what a stretching and fun commission!

Thanks to Paul Dorrell, owner Leopold Gallery in Kansas City MO, for submitting my name for consideration of this KSU Commission. And thank you to CBA Assistant Dean Stacy Kovar (and her committee) for accepting me for this BIG art project.

What a blessing, in many ways!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

How I Started the KSU Diptych Commission and Big Lesson Learned

As I expressed in my previous blog, "BIG" was on my mind because of the big 72"x96" KSU College of Business Administration Diptych Abstract commission.

Big meant making "BIG" studio changes:
  • rearranged my studio to make it bigger
  • essentially got rid of my 'office area'
  • gave away my desk
  • moved my filing system to another room
  • stream-lined my canvas storage carts
  • added more protective panels on the floor to increase painting area, hence protect carpet tiles
  • re-positioned my easels - for more room to paint and to step back further to view work
  • determined bigger painting tools
  • figured out containers for bigger amounts of mixed paint  (The answer? Pyrex Glass Storage Bowls! Best price -

Then there were hours finding resources and learning about some history of Kansas, Manhattan, Kansas State University, KSU Business Administration College, and the Flint Hills.  After that, mulling over and imagining what I would create.

Then lots of studies - sketches, drawings, color determinations, compositions for ultimately two paintings.

Finally submitted a Study. Getting it approved. Then the painting began!

But, the final paintings do not look like the Study submitted and approved! Only the color palette bore resemblance to the final paintings.  

A big lesson learned - trying to follow the approved Study put me in a box and the initial work was not working! I had to get free from that "Study" internally and externally so I could  move back into me being me  - where the true flow and joy happens. And it did! Stay tuned for the rest of the story

Note to self - Be willing to be stretched, but stay true to you.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

KSU College of Business Administration Gives Big Commission to Nancy Teague

"Big" is on my mind lately. Big abstracts, big canvases, big commission, big honor, big challenge, big opportunity!

A big thank you goes out to Paul Dorrell, my gallery rep in Kansas City Mo, owner of Leopold Gallery + Art Consulting. And a big thank you goes out to Assistant Dean Stacy Kover of Kansas State University College of Business Administration. 

The KSU Business Administration Art Advisory Board worked with Paul in accepting his proposal for me to do a 72" x48" diptych for their Executive Conference Room in their new Business Administration Building! 

Over a month ago I was able to visit the campus to tour the new building under construction. My goodness what an impressive building this will be!

The Executive Conference Room in the works. My commission will fit in the niche on the far wall - two 72" x 48" canvases. This is a BIG room! Needs big art!

Here I am trying to grasp this BIG commission.

But I'm feelin' good - I got this!

More to come on this BIG project. Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mark Arts formerly Wichita Center for The Arts Abstract National Exhibition Includes Nancy Teague Abstract

I am delighted to share that my abstract acrylic painting, "Refreshed", was juried in to the

Abstract National Exhibition 2016 

being held at Mark Arts / Mary R Koch Arts Center (formerly known as The Wichita Center for The Arts)  in Wichita, KS.

The Juror for this exhibition was Sandra Duran Wilson of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

"Refreshed" ©2016 Nancy Teague  20"x20" Acrylic on Canvas

The National Abstract Exhibition 2016 runs from July 8th through August 7th.

Opening Reception is July 8th, Friday, 5 - 7pm.

The Arts Center hours: 1-5pm   Tue-Sun.

Should be a great show! Stay tuned for more after the Opening Reception.

To view more of Nancy Teague Abstracts visit her website.