Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nancy Teague Art Accepted in Still Point Art Gallery Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract Exhibition

I was excited to learn my three paintings were accepted in Still Point Art Gallery's Exhibition titled Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract.

"Refreshed Day" 30x30 acrylic
©Nancy Teague
"Tickled Pink"  36x48
©Nancy Teague
"Make A Splash" 36x36 acrylic
© Nancy Teague

Honored artists for this exhibition are Gary Engle, Patricia Raible, Jamie McHugh, Deb McCarroll, and  Lidia Kenig Scher.

Here is the Gallery thumbnail view of all the artwork accepted in the show. Some fun and intriguing abstract work - worth checking out and enjoying!

The Earth Fire Water Air Exhibition will be online for viewing August 1 to October 31, 2014. This exhibition will also be highlighted in the Fall 2014 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly, a very high quality publication.

Oh, in case you are interested, to see more of my Expressive Abstract artwork go to

Happy viewing!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Captivated By Intrigue In A Painting

Have you ever got "caught up" in a painting?

Sometimes a painting hits your heart from a distance and draws you up close.

Sometimes a painting is not really appreciated until you get face to face - and then you are zeroing in on the shapes, colors, strokes, movement, texture.

Discovery is happening! Intrigue has captivated you! Oh the wonder a painting can bring!

My new painting, "Captivated By Intrigue", did just that to me as I took time to 'see' what had unfolded in its completion. Many surprises!

By taking closeups of the finished  painting, putting them into a video, and adding music enabled me to get "caught up" in this painting in whole new level.

May you find your own unique places of intrigue in just fifty-eight seconds!


"Captivated By Intrigue", along with my other Expressive paintings, 
can be viewed here at my website.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cascade With Me! New Painting by Nancy Teague

I am excited to share one of my latest paintings! "Cascade With Me!" seemed to cascade onto the canvas as I added, moved, removed, and tooled the paint.

The title seemed so fitting because of all the fun I was having as it came into being.

"Cascade With Me!" Acrylic on Canvas 
2014© Nancy Teague

The additional treat unfolded with taking closeups of various sections of the painting and putting in a video! Take a moment to experience a lilt in your soul as you cascade through this painting. I think you may even find a smile on your face or a twinkle in your eyes!

Wishing you many delightful cascades throughout your life!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wintry Cardinal Wheeeee! In Still Pointe Gallery Exhibition

What do seeing red cardinals, in the midst of winter, mean to you?

For me, they are a delightful highlight on a cold day blanketed in white. To see this little red creature flitting about the barrenness of a crisp day brings hope and joy to my soul. God must have known these little crimson birds would have such effect when He made them. Thanks God!

I had a pre-winter delight when my wintry cardinals painting was chosen for the "Award of Best Painting or Drawing" in Still Point Gallery "Winter Splendor" Exhibition!

"Wintry Cardinal Wheeeee!" is such a fun painting with lots going on. I thought you might enjoy exploring their surroundings and one cardinal's antics through this video. Get ready for a smile or two!


Wishing you many 'wheeeees!' in your life.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Get Into A Painting! So Much To See!

If you are one who likes to dig deeper, then this video is for you! 

If you are one who has never dug deeper then, this video is for you!

Oh the joys of discovering more than you expected or thought possible
in just one minute!

And, to grasp there is  
always more to find in the wonder of 
who you are and why you are!

Happy discovering!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ruminate Online Art Auction Teague Painting Sold

The winning bid to purchase "Life Is Calligraphy" goes to "swatts"! 

I hope you will be inspired by this wee little painting and find a fun place to display it. 

Congratulations "swatts"!!!

"Life Is Calligraphy" 7x7" Acrylic on Canvas ©Nancy Teague

Congratulations also goes to Ruminate Magazine for their creative and fun 
Online 7x7 Art Auction, which ended today, September 14th. 

Ruminate Magazine, a stellar quarterly publication, 
"chewing on life, faith, and art".
A magazine of thoughtful writing and poetry, 
and featuring creative artwork. 
Worth checking out!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Why Is Life Calligraphy?

My wee little canvas painting entitled, "Life Is Calligraphy", will be part of Ruminate Magazine's Online Art Auction. The auction begins September 1st and bids can be placed through September 14th. All the artwork is 7"x7" with beginning bids starting at $7.00. How is that for a fun art happening!?

Part of Ruminate's requirements for submissions was that the artwork had to be done on a 7x7 inch piece of white Rives BFK paper (which they provided) or the artist could select a different substrate as long as it was 7"x7". With canvas being the substrate for my style I began to ponder what to do this small.

However it came down I happened upon a 12"x16" painting that had been put aside since I was not enthralled with it. However, when I began to look within the painting I saw a portion that jumped out at me! "Ah ha, this will be a perfect 7"x7" painting!" I cut it out - which brought on unique feelings - good (releasing a treasure within) and bad (destroying part of something).

Then I began to study my wee little painting. What was it saying to me? The playful lines reminded me of the fun movement life is meant to express. The phrase, ‘life is calligraphy’, came to me.

Looking up the meaning of 'calligraphy', I was delighted to discover this word comes from two Greek words - kalla meaning “beautiful” and graphia meaning “writing”. 

Edward Johnston defined calligraphy as essentially “written letters, dependent upon the flow and rhythm of the pen or brush.” 

Then Paul’s words came to mind – “clearly you are an epistle of Christ…written not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God…” (2Cor 3:3)

Well, I'll be! He made each of us as one-of-a-kind calligraphic writings! Just think of your swirls and flow. Hey, even the squiggles and wiggles! Granted we can have some same 'ol same 'ol movements of life, but we are also to flourish with flair. Release that spontaneity - have fun, be playful - at least part of every day!

"Life Is Calligraphy" 7'x7" Acrylic on Canvas
2013© Nancy Teague

My, what beautiful writing you are!