Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Perhaps some people would look at the LIGHT IMPACT rainbow photo from my first blog and think the person who took it just put the picture upside down. I wondered that too when I first saw it. But they had taken two shots that day - so here is the second picture. Sure looks like a smiling rainbow!
Enjoy the light,

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Anonymous said...

Impact of light...to understand the impact of light do we have to see the impact of darkness. Where I live it rains all the time. Days, upon days, upon days and people are really affected by the impact of darkness.

I have found that people are like plants when it comes to light. I have physically seen it here in the classroom. As soon as the sun comes out people perk up and head for the light. Much like a plant in the sun. Which makes since because we are drawn to the light.

What I love even more about seeing this is that God is light. Therefore we are naturally drawn to God...what if you created a painting that reflected this light. That when people walked by the physically are drawn to God by seeing the light that you have depicted. Whoa! It is going to happen too!