Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Journey of Limes

Since I am painting limes it would be fun to know the journey of limes:

  • thought to originate in Southeast Asia
  • 10th century brought by Arab trades back to Egypt and Northern Africa
  • Arabian Moors brought them to Spain in 13th century
  • spread throughout Europe during the Crusades, along with other fruit trees
  • traveled with Columbus on his second voyage 1493 - planted in Caribbean countries
  • centuries later used by British sailors and traders to prevent scurvy, from which the seamen got their name "limeys"
  • intro in United States in 16th century by Spanish Explorers being brought to Florida Keys - hence the beginnings of Key limes (thus eventually led to Key lime pie - yum!)
  • 17th century Spanish missionaries tried to plant them in California - wrong climate
  • California Gold Rush miners and explorers demanded limes to prevent scurvy - caused importation from Tahiti and Mexico in mid-19th century

Next watch for the continuing journey of limes in my painting.

Wishing you a lime-like light filled adventure, Nancy

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