Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Lime is a Lime?

While painting limes I've been learning about my subject matter. BTY - it's important for an artist to "feel" or connect with his/her subject matter. Hmm, how do you connect with a lime? Did you know there are basically 3 types of limes?
  • Tahitian - large, pale finely-grained pulp, very acidic flavor (also known as Bearss lime in California)
  • Mexican - AKA "bartender's lime", smaller, bright green skins, very aromatic flavor
  • Key lime - closely related to Mexican type, pale yellowish-green, very juicy with strong sharp flavor (the main ingredient in Florida's Key Lime Pie)

Now I'm in search of the best Key Lime Pie recipe - anyone got one? Of course I will have to find Key limes too - not just any lime will do! Wishing you variety, Nancy


Donniece Smith said...

Wow, you are really bringing all the senses together in this painting. My mouth is watering and I really looked at the limes in the grocery store the other day.

Anonymous said...

Ive heard in Florida Key Lime pie is the best, yet at the moment i have no receipe. If i find you one, you make, I will eat!!!!-Crystal