Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ducks in a Row?

Do you like your "ducks in a row"? Part of me does, then there is the other part that piles can be everywhere (mainly in my studio)! But I must announce today's post is not about ducks but limes. See web site for a better look.

Yup, "All Limed Up In A Row" was the favorite subtitle (69%)! So thanks to my artist friend, Donniece Smith, who came up with that spontaneous "goofy" (her quote) subtitle. I told her I really liked it, so added it to my polling choices. In fact the only other one chosen was "Odd Lime Out" (30%). Thanks to all those that took the time to vote.

There were several other subtitle ideas posted under Comments in the March 8th post (just below), if you're interested.

By the way check out Donniece's fabric design work on her informative blog and she has striking beaded jewelry on her web.

Wishing you fun rows,


Kristin Summerlin said...

Finally looked at the finished work on your site, and it's lovely. Isn't it fun to explore the subtle differences in things that are "the same"?

Nancy Teague said...

Hey thanks Kristin! Yes, it is fun to really look at the differences in things that are "the same". There is so much variety around us. What a wonderful Creator He is.