Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Art Takes Years? According to Titian

Just read this on The Painter's Key newsletter that confirms my previous blog post "Art is Hard"! - Titian, one of the master painters of the Italian Renaissance, said at the age of 90 - "I am finally beginning to learn how to paint." Yikes!

He was a leader of the Venetian school and changed his style several times over his long career. Hmmm, I wonder why? Was he bored? Just wanted to challenge himself? Liked to learn new things? Tried to please the patrons? Wanted to be in on what was "in"? Couldn't make up his mind? Do you have an idea why? Changing style makes me think of my own deep stirrings to do abstract expressionism which I believe stems from the Lord working more freedom in my life. I think His freeing work is showing in my renewed current style but don't be surprised if someday you see me branch out!

Back to Titian. Just for your information he was a pioneer of the scumbling technique to create soft edges and he was known for his depth of study in color and its properties. He forte was portraits and landscapes.

Hmm, age 90. So, I've still got 30 years before I finally start to figure it out! Should I be discouraged or encouraged. I think I'll look at my glass as half full! Wow, so much to learn - what a deal! :o)

Wishing you longevity for learning lots and welcoming change,


Kristin Summerlin said...

Titian is a favorite of mine. And I used to have Titian blonde hair. ;)

I think you should be encouraged to have at least 30 more years of learning. It's boring to do the same thing over and over and never learn anything new.

BTW, I've just tagged you. Take a look at my blog and then you can play, too.

Nancy Teague said...

I will check out the being "tagged" - that's new to me! And here's to 30 more years!