Monday, March 30, 2009

Lime Solo Debut

"Lime Solo" debuts! No, he's not singing a solo, just being the only one in the limelight. Some people like the limelight but I think he was a little nervous being singled out like this. Especially after all those limes limed up in a row. But I tried to express that he was unique, one of a kind, worth seeing and knowing. So he finally agreed to let his light shine. We both hope you enjoy his debut.You can also see him even more clearly on my web site. You will notice he is in good company with Blimey Limeys and a bunch of apples - I think they all get along just fine. Hmmm, do you think I have a fixation on fruit?!

Perhaps you know of someone that needs to be told they are unique, one of kind, and worth knowing?

Wishing your uniqueness shines,


Kim Blair said...

Hi Nancy:
Your lime paintings are gorgeous. Lovely blog...
(I really enjoy painting limes too.)
Happy Painting.

Anonymous said...

crystal says YOU ROCK NANCE!!!