Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Limes - The End

Finally! The limes are ripe, done, finished, complete...The End coming in at 8" x 26". What do you think?

I must say it's hard to see much in this small blog post! Maybe this close-up will help.

You can also see it even better under "Originals" at www.nancyteaguestudio.com .

I call this painting "Blimey Limeys" but I had several other possible titles I considered. So I thought it would be fun to take a poll to see what you think would make a good subtitle! Please cast your vote in the side bar.

Wishing you light filled endings,

P.S. Do you know that blimey means - anger, surprise, excitement. Go figure how that works with these limes?! I just like the sound. :o)


Donniece Smith said...

Lovely amazing painting. Light is definately your forte.

So this goofy title popped in my head..."all limed up in a row"

and I'm going to try that toothpick tip you posted earlier. Very clever.

Nancy Teague said...

Hey, I like that title!! I'm going to add it to my poll!

Jim Knicely said...

How about "lime time"?

Very nice work.