Monday, March 16, 2009

Moose or Mousse?

Moose or Mousse? Same sound but I'm talking about the tasty kind! In honor of my recent painting of "Blimey Limeys" aka "All Limed Up In A Row" here is a delicious recipe from my sister-in-law for Lime Mousse Cheesecake. It's light and tangy - a unique taste treat and an elegant spring-time dessert. For those who are gluten intolerant Leslie said to use gluten-free ginger cookies and you have a "snazzy GF dessert"!

Lime Mousse Cheesecake

C ginger cookies - finely crushed (or use graham crackers + 1/3C sugar. But the ginger flavor is best!)
1/4 C crystallized ginger, finely cut up (this could be optional)
5-6 T melted butter
Mix crumbs with chopped ginger, moisten with butter, press evenly in 10" springform pan.

1 envelope gelatin
2/3 C fresh lime juice (about 4 med-lrg limes at room temp, wash well)
1 pint (carton) heavy whipping cream - divided 1/2C to heat and 1 1/2 C to whip
9 oz Baker's premium white chocolate - chopped in small chunks
3 (8 oz) pkgs cream cheese (at room temp)
1 1/8 C sugar
grated lime zest from all the limes used (make sure to zest only green surface - below that is bitter)

In small bowl s
prinkle gelatin over lime juice, stir a little, set aside to soften.

Bring 1/2 C heavy cream to simmer in small sauce pan - add chopped white chocolate - set for 5 minutes then stir until smooth - set aside

In large bowl beat cream cheese until smooth - then beat in sugar and lime zest - blend well. Then add cream/melted white choc mixture - blend in. Then blend in gelled gelatin/lime juice.

In a separate chilled bowl whip 1 1/2 C cream until thick/almost soft peaks. Fold this into cream cheese mixture.

Pour into spring form pan over the prepared crust. Refrigerate overnight. Remove springform pan side to serve. This dessert also freezes well.

Wishing you delightful tangy tastes,

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