Thursday, April 23, 2009

Painting, No Way!

Just this last Monday afternoon after a fun time with the grandkids at the park on a super windy day, I was ready to jump into finishing a painting I had been laboring over for a number of weeks. But I had no idea of what was about to change that plan.

Just prior to heading to my easel I was discussing with my husband outside where to lay some river rock by the side of our house. I stepped over to take the stick propped against the side garage door (we use this to keep the door from slamming shut on windy days when the garage car door is open). I was going to use it to make an edging line in the dirt nearby. I had the stick in my right hand and was reaching behind with my left to slow down the door as I could see in my peripheral vision it was flying shut (a normal occurance on windy days). As I mentioned it was a very windy day - probably wind gusts up to 40mph. Little did I know the position of my hand was in the wrong place as the force of this wind caused the door to push my finger so fast next to the door jam that it tore loose the pad on my index finger. I felt a sharp pinch! I said loudly, "What did I do?" - looked at my finger and in shock saw this chunk of loose skin askew! Ran inside to the sink, took a better look, realized this was more than skin, grabbed some kleenex, tried to reposition the skin and put pressure on to arrest the bleeding. Needless to say off to the ER with tears and gasping along the way. The doctor said I went into the fat layer and damaged some muscle tissue. They stitched on the loose skin but felt it probably won't make it thus the layers would grow back from the inside out. He also explained since there is not much circulation in the fingertips healing takes longer so figure at least three weeks.

You can imagine I am very protective of that finger tip! It's amazing how much that index finger is used in daily life! With my left index finger in a splint and seeing as I paint left handed it's "No Way!" to painting. Thus there will be a rather lengthly break from any blog updates on impacts of light art. Bummer, but hey, what's that good 'ol saying? - "When life hands you some lemons, make some lemonade." I wonder if limes work the same way?

I do know the Lord will bring good out of this - I've seen Him do so in many other situations. Romans 8:28 is so true! And I sure won't sit around twiddling my thumbs! Lemonade anyone? :o)

Wishing you lots of lemonade days,


Kristin Summerlin said...

Oh, Nancy, I'm so distressed for you! I know how you've struggled with your hands, as have I. I've also cut my index finger with french shears, sounds like it was about like yours. I'm glad you got to the doctor quickly; I was stupid and waited. Still, mine did eventually heal, and I have no doubt yours will, as well. In the meantime, perhaps there's something else you're supposed to be doing?

many hugs,

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks so much Kristin for your care and concern. Your story is encouraging. Indeed a door has opened to put my time and energy into during this season of waiting for healing. God is good!