Monday, August 31, 2009

Deadhead Geranium? How Many Deadheads Are There?

Deadhead geranium? No that doesn't mean my geranium is a deadhead - i.e. dict. "sluggish or dull-witted".

Think verb form. To deadhead, that is remove a spent bloom, snap the flower stem off at the base. This allows more energy back into the plant to produce more flowers. Of course all you serious gardeners out there already know this but for us amateurs this is a good tip. I used to get out my clippers and cut the stem. Now I can just use my hand!

Well this geranium doesn't need to be deadheaded yet - good thing as that little bloom up there will certainly add a splash of color by the time the painting is all done. You might notice that some values are being developed in the window frame area and outside the window. Keep your eyes peeled more values are coming.

By the way, did you know "deadhead" also means 1) a person who uses a free ticket for admittance or entertainment 2) a vehicle carrying no passengers or freight 3) a partially submerged log or trunk? I did not know that!

Wishing you many light-filled blooms and no sluggish deadheads,

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