Friday, August 28, 2009

Geranium and Pot Values Show Its Worth

Looks like more values for the geranium. I don't think this increases its dollar worth but it certainly shows it is more worthy of becoming something to look at.

Hmmm, it also looks like the pot (clay, that is) is starting to make itself be known in this painting - good for you! This reminds me of the clay vessels we live in. We need something in and through which to express who we really are. As much as this clay pot is simple and plain it contains something that has the potential to be striking and worth noticing. So I wonder how much we really value our clay "pots" that have the potential to express our striking and unique one of a kind essence? Maybe if we realized more our inner unique "beauty" it would enhance our outer form?

Wishing your great values shine through,

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