Thursday, August 27, 2009

Geranium Painting Gets More Washes

No, I'm not talking about giving a geranium numerous baths!

Here is the next phase of the initial unflattering geranium that I showed you yesterday. The geranium painting is getting more washes of color in the background and foreground. At least you can get a better idea of where this potted geranium is headed.

I like to gradually build up the values through washes as I develop a painting. Notice the fun shadows that are appearing on the table. It's fascinating to me to see the effects of light on an object. You will see the progression of this natural light's effect as more stages are posted. Enjoy!

Wishing you eyes to see the effects of light,

P.S. Hmm, perhaps some of you don't know what washes are?! They are watered down paint thus allowing for thin layers of color to be put on the substrate.

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