Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Painting Again! It's About Time Art Show Coming

After several months of various hindrances to painting, including that serious finger injury back in April, I am happy to report that my easal and paints are seeing lots of action! It's fun to be at it but I must confess part of my flurry is motivated by an upcoming Art Show in October. I'm excited about this happening but there is lots to be done in preparation that involves more than just painting.

Do you know what's involved in preparing for a show? Here's a few of the details - design a post card to announce the show, mailing list to update, mailing labels to print, stamp and label the postcards, e-newsletter to design and publish, get the paintings to my framer, quality digital images taken of the paintings...

Now I realize I have been so immersed that I am not taking time to keep you abreast of my progress. So my next few posts will let you view the progress of one of my latest paintings.

Wishing you light filled days,

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