Saturday, September 5, 2009

Open Geranium Has No Stage Fright

Since my geranium is not afraid of stages - or could I say stage fright(?) - I thought it would be interesting to put the last two stages of this painting in the same post. You might have fun comparing the differences. You can see from the previous post's stage there is now even more color value. Gosh, this geranium is going to be of great value, including the pot! Hey, note the reflection that has been added for the pot. See, I told you the pot was valuable. ;o) So here is the "final" stage. Should my geranium take a bow? Some might call this a spindly looking geranium but I love the openness. Each leaf, because of its long stem, reaches out with its own uniqueness and grace. And because this geranium is "open" more of it has opportunity to be touched and enhanced by the light. See it more clearly on my web and enjoy "Window Light Geranium". Hmm, maybe if more of who we are reaches out and is more "open" then more light can get to us and we would find more grace and beauty to display. Hey, let's not be afraid to be "open"! Yay for Light! Wishing you openness for more light, Nancy

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Crystal said...

I looked at some of the other geraniums and like yours...not that the other one's don't have their place, but there is just so much life in your little red blossoms by this window. Its like he knows even though he is one little red blossom he must reach up past the seal and reach for the light....Crystal