Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tea or Tees Are Primary?

Tea may be a primary item in your life. Or tees may be primary. Maybe both? For me, when you have the three primary colors red, blue, and yellow then the tees "have it"!
I used to play gobs of golf but have not even swung a club this summer! Hopefully next year. ;o) In the meantime painting these primary tees was great fun as many golf memories were stirred up - not the amazing shots but the golfing companions. Gofing can be great "hang out" time.
Would you have thought golf tees could cast such intriguing shadows? Hope you enjoy them - I sure did!
Wishing you light-filled hang out time,

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Crystal said...

never liked golf, seems to be too much patience involved. Maybe it is something I need to give a go again. These colorful tees seem to beckon even the despised golfer to a playful round.