Friday, October 16, 2009

Art Show Is More Than Just Art?!

Have you ever had a breach in a relationship? I have. They're grievous and painful. But I've found, if you are teachable, big lessons can be learned from such difficulty. And best of all there is always the hope of restoration.
That is why "Into the Light" Art Show is more than just art. Our show is not just about paintings that express the affects of light but it is also a testimony to what happens when Light impacts lives and heals a relationship. Though I've known BJ Stych for over thirty years there was a stretch of around eight years where our friendship was severed due to some of the dynamics given below. Truth needed to invade the situation. And Truth knew when and how.
Because of that breach here are a few lessons I've learned: don't follow or lift up a person, a group, a ministry, an activity, a gifting, an organization, a ritual, a program, etc. as if that is 'the one and only thing'. God knew what He was saying, "You shall have no other gods before Me."! If you do, here's a few things that could happen: idolatry, deception, being judgmental and critical, picking up an offense on behalf of 'the one and only', being controlled and manipulated, separation, fear, divisiveness, isolation, pride...
Here's the kicker - I've also learned pride, misguided zeal, even ulterior motives can set you up to be deceived. Deception is a scarey thing because when you are deceived you are so sure you are right! Whoa! That's a hard thing to get free from! But God did that for me and more.
Truth can be hard but it is so freeing! And it brings understanding - in this case - of my weaknesses and error. There was deep repentance, brokenness, and (a good) shame. Forgiveness was asked with real sincerity and BJ graciously granted even though with caution. Rightly so, as more understanding needed to unfold as He continued to repair the breach. So when you see this picture of BJ and me (taken at the opening reception of "Into the Light" Art Show) or when you view the YouTube videos of our Artists Talk realize the 'light' is also a testimony of His restoration in our relationship. For that and for Him we are most thankful, and we're 'richer' for it.
Wishing you light and wholeness in your relationships,

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Jennifer Anderson said...

Love it. God is such a redeemer and restorer. Your story brings Him glory!