Monday, October 12, 2009

"Into the Light" Art Show Now on YouTube!

The opening reception on Oct. 2, 2009 for "Into the Light" Art Show featuring BJ Stych and me was a blast! I'm including a few photos taken by my friend and photographer, Crystal of Chasing Beauty and Love. A big thanks to her and her creative camera eye! Lots of people, lots of ages, and lots of fun conversations. I wonder what the little girl was seeing that caused her to lean in to "Bushel of Loft Light"?

And these young people were certainly checking out the effects of light in my painting "Ball Jars Take on Light". To the left is BJ's beautiful landscape, with rainbow, entitled "Promise". This is Jeff, master framer at Frames For You in Lincoln, NE. The show wouldn't have gone on without him. So another big thanks from BJ and me - to Jeff. Now for the big news - the Artists Talk by BJ Stych and me and a "tour" of the paintings in the show are now on Nancy Teague YouTube! Enjoy the light, Nancy

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Donniece Smith said...

Nancy, Your virtual tour of the exhibit is wonderful! I am so glad to be able to experience it since I don't live in the area. Both of you have wonderfully beautiful art!Thank you for sharing it. Donniece