Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Earth Marble Is Here! Chips and All

Little did I know when I was "grown-up" that I would do paintings of my childhood marbles. Yes, I did not lose my marbles! ;o) In fact, I still have them in a bag my grandma sewed for me out of an old pair of jeans. So double the memories!
This particular marble, that I now call "Earth Marble", is actually a 'boulder'. For all you marble players, you know the value of these kinds of marbles. They can knock those other little marbles out of the circle pretty easily.
As I did "Earth Marble 1" (above) and "Earth Marble 2" (below) I was struck by the chips and flaws in this little guy. Ah, what a reminder we live on a chipped and flawed earth because we are. Isn't it interesting how the light makes those chips show up! Yuk! Many of us would rather stay in the "dark" so we don't have to look at or admit the chips and nicks and flaws. And perish the thought that someone else would see them! But I've learned when I come to the Light, face my flaws head on, I find healing and freedom. Oh the joy of freedom in Him - I am so thankful!
This little "Earth Marble" and our little earth we live on is indeed impacted by the light/Light. Oh to have eyes to see that and want it.
Wishing you light on your chips,


Anonymous said...

From one chipped marble to another - NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kathy Harmon

Nancy Teague said...

Love it! Thanks Kathy. Don't you think our chips show a beauty of history from just 'being here'?