Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Basket Making It's Not What You Think

How long does it take to make a basket? Well, depends on what kind and how big I suppose. I must say, the kind of basket I'm talking about is pretty big. In fact, I'd gander it took longer than making most baskets because it involved more than making the basket! But I couldn't make the basket without it. Hmm, sounds like a riddle?

I used to use this kind of basket when I was young - it had to do with "chores". In fact I remember us four kids in my family having many "chores" growing up - just to name a few - setting the table, washing the dishes, making our beds in the morning, mowing the yard, and cleaning up dog poop. The dog poop patrol was not our favorite - duh! But we sure loved Spotty. Actually I don't think any of our chores were done with a gleeful attitude. But they sure taught us responsibility! Kudos to my parents.

Back to basket making. I had no idea that someday the type of basket I used as a young girl would have such meaning to me as an adult and that instead of using it I would make one! So keep checking in as I'm going to show you how I make a basket.

Wishing you fun light-filled riddles, Nancy

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