Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Basket Riddle Is Solved

I'm sure some of you have figured out my riddle "How do you make a basket without making a basket"? When I think "make a basket" I picture someone weaving a basket, i.e. making an actual functional basket. But since I am not a basket weaver but a painter - the basket I will make is a basket I will paint. So this will not be a basket but an illusion of a basket. Hmmm. And you may have guessed from yesterday's post that this basket will be a bushel basket.

I mentioned two blog posts ago that this basket had to do with chores during my childhood years. So here's the explanation - we would fill many bushel baskets with leaves during the fall raking ritual. It's amazing how much you can pack in a bushel basket - and since we had a big yard we had a lot of bushel baskets! How I wish now I had in my possession some of those baskets - not for raking though ;o). I remember some of them had faded colored wood strips on the top and middle of the basket that held up the spines. Back to the ritualistic chore - we would take our packed-full baskets of colorful and sometimes crunchy leaves back to the alley - dump them in big old metal rusty oil barrels - and then my dad would burn them. I can still remember the smell of burning leaves. Of course now that would be unheard of - to burn leaves in town! Goodness! And today the Green People would certainly be up in arms - or maybe I should say they'd be in full force with fire extinguishers!
To illustrate my basket full of leaves here is a basket I "made" back in 1996 that is owned by a dear patron in Florida. Now don't they do a good job holding leaves!? Since you know I'm painting a basket that is why I need other things to "make" it - i.e. its surroundings.
Now that's a light thought - how our surroundings can help express and influence us and how we can help express and influence those same surroundings. So don't underestimate your influence!
Stay tuned - my next basket is about to show how he came into being to 'influence and be influenced'.
Wishing you light influence,

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