Thursday, December 17, 2009

Basket Riddle Unfolds

I gave a riddle in my last post - so have you figured out how I make a basket without making a basket?

Let me digress with a little history of the kind of basket I will make - perhaps you'll begin to figure out the riddle. Google research brought up a company, Barden Building Systems, whose beginnings go back into the early 1900s. Barden and Robeson began building wagon wheels in 1909, and then started making bushel baskets in 1911 to help the fruit trade flourishing near by in the Finger Lake Region of Pann Yan, New York. During WWII they stopped bushel basket production to make ammunition boxes for the government. After the war they began reproduction of the bushel baskets.

Another site I found was Tuttle Orchards in Greenfield, IN. It was homesteaded in 1890, with an apple orchard started in 1920. They made 50 cents a bushel back in 1935! When the War started they too pitched in - a 1943 newspaper article explains Tuttles' eager support by supplying fresh and dried apples for the troops. The Tuttle Orchard is known for its award winning apples. In fact they even received a patent for the Stark Supreme Stayman apple! Here is an old time photo of their ribbons and apples - note the bushel baskets.
So the basket I am making is a bushel basket! I'll be showing you how. Keep watching!
Here's to yummy apples,

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