Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Roughed In Basket Beginnings

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

I will now begin a series of posts on how I made my basket - trust you figured out the basket riddle. ;o) First I must share the beginnings of this basket in its discovery. Where I found it has such memorable significance because something happened that stopped me dead in my tracks.

I was near a small town searching for painting ideas and found a big old barn that had been converted into an antique store. I asked permission to take photos and began my meanderings in the old structure. I came upon wooden stairs that led to the loft. I ascended the stairs and was almost to the top when I smelled something that caused me to suddenly stop, close my eyes, and felt a sensation of being transported back to my childhood. That musty smell was the same smell I experienced as a child when I played in the loft of our garage which used to be a small barn! Indescribable feeling. Have you ever experienced a wonderful memory because of a smell?

And of course just being in this big loft was another treat even beyond the musty smell. Then to find this light flooding into a window and a bushel basket near by was a "find". Not only was that up there but also an old red bicycle that looked like my big brother's when he was a boy! Oh what treasures are to be found in humble places. Now that is a light thought!

Back to that bushel basket being flooded with light. Here are its "roughed in" humble beginnings. Hard to believe it will eventually be worth looking at!

I decided to use a red primer on my canvas, hence all the red undertones. Since it is a "warm" painting the red felt like a good undercoat. Stay tuned for the next stage.

Wishing you light treasures in humble places,

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