Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stage Two of Bushel Basket

Here is stage two of the bushel basket. You might notice that I am filling in more gray tones on the wood floor and developing more values for the basket shadow. I like to use multiple washes with my acrylic paints - it gives me opportunity to move things around as I get them in the right perspective and these layers of color washes add to the depth of 'feel'. Still looks pretty 'hot' doesn't it! That red primer base definitely makes its presence known. But alas eventually he will become a hidden foundation to the light's effects.

Hmm, a light thought - maybe we all have red undertones that are foundational to what we are meant to be as we yield to light's impact.


Delilah said...

Very nice painting,can't wait to see it finished, paint on!

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks Delilah! Enjoyed checking out your blog.

Anonymous said...

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