Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bushel Basket Loves the Stage! Check Out Stage 5 and 6!

To move things along and make it easier to really "look"  as you compare the progress I decided to let Bushel Basket show off his stages (or layers) 5 and 6 at the same time!

Besides still putting in more layers of the appropriate values in the wood areas also note the development of the distant background out the window. Since this location is in a loft the background is quite far away - hence quite 'blurry'.

Whoa! Look at the darker and richer values in Stage 6 that start to make the painting come alive. The late afternoon fall light gave such a warmth in this scene and I definitely wanted to capture that. Hmm, it almost feels like that red foundation is starting to come forth again! Ah, that makes me think of the 'light thought' in my stage two post. Perhaps that foundation of red in our lives is still noticeable at times. Actually it should be if we are walking in the light! In fact not only do I want more light in my life I also want more 'red'!

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