Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bushel Basket Stage 3

Let's move on to stage 3 for my bushel basket in the loft. Whoa! Where'd the red go? See I told you it would eventually become a foundational aspect to the painting. Now you can begin to see the various colors that will  express this subject.

Hmm, stages. That reminds me of the stages, seasons, chapters, layers (maybe you have another term?) in our own lives. Life is certainly progressive. But I often want the stages to go fast! Anyone relate? Alas, patience is usually the order of the day. From trying to do life in the light I have this sense that God's favorite characteristic is patience. In fact, did you know, the first word to describe love in the Bible is "patience"?! Wow, how patient He must be with us in all that love! Just like my bushel basket is going to take stages or layers of paint (which takes a while - there's that patience again) to really become meaningful, so we have layers of living to be able to make 'a statement'. Ah, another light thought!

Here's to more layers in 2010! Happy New Year!

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