Monday, January 4, 2010

Bushel Basket Stage 4

Moving on to stage 4 or I could say layer 4 (per my previous post). Notice there is more development of the colors and their values. Can you see the wood grain developing in the basket spines? Note the beginnings of reflections in the window frame. Some of you may also see the rough edge of that board on the left coming forth. Keep looking!

That is one of the joys I have while painting. As I am looking and painting I discover, to my delight,  things that I hadn't seen
before. Reminds me of a poster I used to have in my classroom when I taught junior high art - next to a silohuette of a child bending over in a field of flowers to look more closely were the words "Stand still and look until you really see."

Hmm, perhaps even looking into someone's eyes until we really 'see' them is what's worth looking at too.

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