Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bushel Basket Taking Final Bows

Since Bushel Basket showed off two stages in the previous post he certainly doesn't struggle with the limelight like "Lime Solo" did! 
Well today he has decided to take his final bows by showing off his last two stages.
Here is stage 7. The values are settling in warmly and all seems to be basking in the light. Just a few more details for the finishing touch. See if you can make them out below.

Ta-da! Here's his final stage. Look close. I hope you see the
finishing touches that make this basket, impacted by light, have something to say.

He realized if it wasn't for the light he'd be pretty mundane. So he wanted his name to give credit where credit is due.
Take a bow, "Bushel of Loft Light"!
But wait, he's taking an encore!

He just wanted to give you a close up of himself, with warm regards.

I must confess posting these final stages of Bushel Basket seems so insignificant and greatly pales in comparison to the devastation and loss going on in Haiti. May relief come speedily. May the light of His love and peace encircle this hurting nation to heal and renew.