Saturday, March 13, 2010

Painter Still Healing and Learning Patience!

Gosh, it's been just over two months since my thumb surgery on January 8th and a number of weeks since my last post! Well my hand is still in healing mode. You can see I am now wearing a sleek black velcro with metal inserts splint. Stylish, huh?
What a process to get my range of motion back! Many visits now to the physical therapist with stretching and bending. Since the hand is mostly tendons there is little blood flow so it takes a long time for swelling to go down and stiffness to leave. Oh boy, more opportunity to learn patience! The other fun thing is my forearm is so wimpy from lack of use. Hopefully after I see my surgeon in a week I will be able to start stregthening exercises for my hand which should help my atrophied arm. Ah, but my left arm is lookin' buffed!
You might notice though that since I paint left-handed a painting is now in progress. As I've been working on these bentwood chairs I find myself asking whose idea was this to paint these? Too many spindles, rungs, and legs overlapping! Oh I get it, another light thought - more opporunity to learn patience.
P.S. Also notice there is still snow in the backyard! It's been a  l  o  n  g  winter. 


Carolyn said...

so glad to follow your creative life through your blog - thanks for sharing the journey! praying for continued healing.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that you are not yet fully recovered.....however, so glad you are healing. I must say that I really, really, really like the painting of the spindley chairs!

Nancy Teague said...

Carolyn and Anonymous.
Thanks for your kind words! It has been quite the slow recovery - but the doctor said I'll be about 95% better. That's a pretty good percentage!

Spindley chairs indeed! I'm now getting back to them - the break has been good - too many overlapping shapes - I think my eyes were crossing! ;-)