Sunday, April 4, 2010

NOAPS Radio Flyer Wagon and Estes Park

NOAPS, Radio Flyer, and Estes Park? A riddle?
Here's the deal:  NOAPS is the  National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society; Radio Flyer wagon refers to "Radio Flyer Afternoon" - the painting I recently completed; Estes Park is the beautiful vacation spot tucked in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (I love this state!). They all go together because "Radio Flyer Afternoon" will be in the NOAPSociety show that is featuring work from their Signature Artists at the Cutural Arts Council Fine Art Gallery in Estes Park. Since I am a Signature Artist with NOAPS and I love Estes Park this is a special blessing for me to have one of my paintings there!  
So here's the wagon! Bring back any wagon memories for some of you? I have fond ones even though one memory around age four involved my brother who was pulling me fast around the corner of our driveway - I fell out and broke my collarbone! Ah, the bumps and bruises of life.
It's interesting that the theme of the Estes Park Cultural Fine Art show is "Visions for the New Decade". Some might ask what in the world does an old Radio Flyer wagon have to do with this theme? Well, I would reply - this wagon with the picket fence reminds me of simpler days, warmth of family, play time, treasured memories of the heart - values that will (or should) always be in any new decade. 
In fact - did you ever make mud pies? I have vivid memories of doing that! Ever dig up dirt and experience that wonderful intoxicating smell of earth? Actually that happened to me last week as I was digging out last year's dead flowers. Oh what a smell! I wonder if that is such a sensory high because we were formed from the dust of the ground? 
Hmm, I think I'm touching on a light thought! Perhaps we get so caught up with our iphones, texting, emails, surfing the net, googling, FaceBook, tweeting, blogging, etc. that we forget to take time for the simple things - even walking in the grass barefoot and playing in the dirt.
Try it, you'll like it! May you experience these simple things now and in every decade

P.S. If you're interested a better view of "Radio Flyer Wagon" is on my web site - then click on Original Paintings. Enjoy!


Roberta said...

I love your paintings. The mood, colors, and especially the light are magical!

Nancy Teague said...

Hey, thanks Roberta! Most encouraging!