Monday, May 3, 2010

Becoming Chairs

Well the be-coming Bentwood chairs are slowly happening. Hopefully at some point they will look becoming. Guess I could say 'pun intended'!

Here is another stage in the 'be-coming' of the Bentwoods.I'm still working on getting the perspective right on all the curves, rungs, spindles, legs, and seats. My goodness there is more to this multitude of chairs than first realized. Kind of reminds me of the complexity of a multitude of people. 'Getting' these chairs is like investing time to 'get' people. It can be time consuming and sometimes hard but the treasures that are found when you really get to know someone sure endears them to you. 
Looks like I'm heading for a light thought. Sometimes we're so willing to invest our time in things and are too busy for people. I hope I remember this as I work on these chairs. Human beings are so worth the time! 

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