Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bentwood Chairs Taking a Break

Ever needed to "take a break"? Sometimes circumstances demand or require it. Sometimes it's just good for our emotional, mental, or spiritual health. Usually taking a break is refreshing or it gives us a new perspective on the situation, the day, or even life. Hmm, a light thought is emerging. So here's to "breaks"!

Speaking of breaks, my Bentwood chairs are taking a break. Well, maybe I should say I am taking a break from them. ;o)  I've shown you a couple of earlier images of their 'becoming chairs' so figured I'd let you see their latest stage before we take a break. You might notice there is more development of the shadows and developing values in the chairs. Still a lot to do to really make them 'becoming'.

There are several reasons for 'taking a break'. I realized I was behind in painting new work for my one person show this October and I am needing to have a couple of pieces ready to enter in the National Oil and Acrylic Painter's Society 2010 juried Exhibit. Entries are due mid July. My full intentions were to have the Bentwoods painting as one of my NOAPS entries. But I realized even if I were to finish the chairs in time my heart would not be ready to part with them. For some reason, which I hope to understand by the time these Bentwoods are finished, I have a strong attachment to them. Pouring so much time into them certainly deepens the connection but there's something else about them. Yet to be revealed! 

I do get attached to many of my paintings, as I'm sure most artists do with their work. There's such a visceral dynamic that goes on in creating and pouring yourself into your work. That's a good thing, otherwise it would be so mechanical and void of feeling. It's interesting that there is a 'feeling' I have that says a piece is done and there's often a 'feeling' I have for the paintings which makes me want to keep them around and enjoy them. Maybe that's like having kids?! Of course after a number of years we want them to move on - even so with some of my favorite paintings there comes a time when I'm ready to let them move on and have a new home.

Back to my main point - 'taking a break'. Here's wishing you many refreshing breaks in your days and your life!


Anonymous said...

I have discovered drawing is one of my tallents and find myself feeling just like you discribed attatched to these works of art.I also find myself in at
state of wonder and awe of our creator as I try to replicate what He has already done so well.It feels like worship.

Nancy Teague said...

I relate to your comments on creating and worship. The whole 'feeling' issue makes me wonder what kind of feeling He has when He makes each one us!