Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boardwalk, Cake Walk, Chair Walk

Ever been on a boardwalk? How about a cake walk? Maybe a short walk, a long walk? Well how about a chair walk?

I can remember doing cake walks at school fund raisers - always hoping to land on the chair that would win me a great cake. I have done short walks and long walks and been on long boardwalks in Georgia and Texas. Anybody else into walks? Besides the exercise, what a way to enjoy nature, process things, pray, greet others on the path, and even have surprise discoveries.

One of my discoveries resulted in "Chair Walk". Last spring on one of my long walks I happened across a garage sale and beheld an old wooden chair for sale. Ah, subject matter worth a photo! Walked home briskly, got my camera, drove back to the site. Part of the pleasure in my photo ops for potential paintings is finding just the right angles and compositions. This chair certainly expressed unique shadows through the impact of light! Hey, wouldn't it be fun sometimes to come across a 'chair walk' so you could sit down and rest a while?

Maybe "Chair Walk" is wanting us to remember to make sure we make time to rest awhile in the midst of our busy walks of doing life.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!
I love the composition.

Gregg J.