Saturday, September 11, 2010

How Many Volkswagen Beetles Sold? What History!

Did you know Volkswagen's origins began in the 1930s? Back in 1933 Adolf Hitler pretty much demanded Ferdinand Porsche design a small car that all Germans could afford - the "people's car" (meaning of Volkswagen). It's amazing the pressure Hitler put on Porsche to do this, who had already dreamed of such a car and was developing a design several years earlier. This article, an interesting and enjoyable read, explains how that all came down. WWII halted its production and changed the car plant into war vehicle production. But in1946 with the Wolfsburg plant now located in the British zone, production began of the VW after the design plans were discovered. By 1955 one million were made - first time in European history of a single car production!

The first two Volkswagens were imported to the United States in 1949 and weren't a hit. But by the mid 50's popularity grew and increased until it waned in the late 1970's. If you're interested here's a great picture review of beetles from 1932 - 1960.

So guess how many Volkswagens had been sold from 1938-2003? Over 21 and a half million! That's a lot of bugs running around.

Speaking of bugs here is the one that is no longer running around. For those of you who have been following the making of this VW Bug - finally, there's the grass! At least some of it. More is coming - it takes a while to do grass. With the next post you will see the completed "Bug in the Grass". 

This bug has taken over a month to come into being. Whew. Did you know in 1965 a Volkswagen Bug was coming off the line every three seconds? Wow! What history! ;o)


Angela Bachler said...

Oh Nancy! I love the progress on this! Fantastic!

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks Angela!

Valerie Bosselman said...

It is impossible to think about high school without thinking of my lemon yellow VW. No air conditioning, no seat belts in the back. I drove it around Omaha like a Nascar driver, loaded with too many friends.

I wish they would re-issue this design. I'd be first in line for the vintage reproduction with 21st century air bags and seat belts.

For today, I'm enjoying my best memories through your painting!

Nancy Teague said...

Hey Val, I had a lemon yellow bug too - 1973 Super Beetle. Love your Nascar driver image. So glad memories have been stirred.

What fun cars they were. Told Hal the other day - working on this painting makes me wish I still had that little yellow bug!