Sunday, September 5, 2010

More on Making of a Volkswagen Bug

Here's the next stage on the making of a Volkswagen bug in the grass. As you can see the process involves continuing to build up layers of acrylic paint to develop the appropriate areas of color and form. 

Compared to the last post you can also see some of the impacts of light starting to come forth along with the beginning definitions of the background.

I asked my husband yesterday if he remembered how much we paid for my brand spankin' new 1973 yellow Super Beetle. He said $3,000. Sure sounds like a deal nowadays! We definitely got our money's worth on that VW Beetle, plus a lot of fun to drive. I wonder if the owners of this orange bug got their money's worth? I also wonder why they left it in the grass on this vacant property within the city limits!?

Hey, where's the grass!?

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