Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Volkswagen Beetle Fully Expressed!

Ta da! Here is the final 'making' of the Volkswagen Beetle! Remember what it looked like when I posted its humble beginnings? What an improvement - who would'a thought?! By the way you might notice there are little lichen growing on some of the rubber stripping around the windshield. Guess this little bug has been out in the elements a while. Maybe he's a 'real bug' wannabe.

Gosh to think it took over a month to get from there to here with lots of stages in between. Hmm, a light thought - that old familiar saying - "anything good is worth waiting for" or is it "anything worthwhile is worth waiting for"? Both fit.

Sometimes in these kinds of involved paintings I get impatient to get to the good stuff - the high lights, the details, the refinement - that really show the transforming power and impacts of light. Prior to that a lot of it is just work! But by the time I am through and see the finished subject I decide it was worth the wait and worth the work. I must say that's how I feel about my little orange bug in the grass. He's so worth it.

And speaking of grass - this isn't just some ordinary grass in the yard. We're talkin' real Nebraska prairie land type grass. The real deal, the au naturale. What fun they are - colors, directions, heights. Nothing like it.

This realism painting, "Bug in the Grass", acrylic on canvas, 30" X 40" is making his debut at my one person show coming up in a few weeks. I thought it would be fun to find a public venue to display my work. So I will be showing my paintings at Scooter's Coffeehouse Rockledge Gallery in Lincoln, NE at 84th and VanDorn from September 29 - Oct. 31st. There will be an opening reception on Oct. 2nd, Sat. from 7-9pm with an Artist Talk at 8pm. Hmm, got to figure out what to say!

So here's a big invite to see the Bug plus some other subjects transformed by impacts of light - if you're in the area - ya all come, ya hear! It'll be worth it.


nmgal said...

It has been truly fascinating to watch your progress up to this final installation. It is truly a magnificent creative piece of art. Congratulations, good luck with your show. Wish I could be there for your opening......DK

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks so much! Wish you could be there too but I understand the distance. ;o)

leo said...

That's amazing! Did putting the grasses in front of the bumper make the car move closer visually? Or is it the size of the photo? I like it.

Nancy Teague said...

Leora, I was amazed too by what the grasses did to the spatial quality of this piece. I think they did give more definition and and character which would bring everything 'out of' the canvas! But maybe the size helps too. :o) Just wanted the final image, especially the grasses, to be clearer to the viewers.

Thanks for your encouraging words.