Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Volkswagen Bug Getting More Washes

Here's the second stage of making my Volkswagen Beetle, AKA The Bug. More washes! I use lots of acrylic washes to build up my subject when painting on canvas. These washes allow me to  quickly develop the composition, the subject matter, and blocks of color. Washes also help me move things if my perspective is off. And it usually is! Perhaps you'll notice that as these stages progress.

Speaking of washes that brings me to a light thought. Maybe our lives should be more like "washes" which would make us more easily changeable and improvable! Another way to look at it is maybe our lives ARE like "washes" - years of building up washes of life's colors with its highlights and low lights - making us something of great character and worth studying to see our unique value and beauty!

By the way did you know Volkswagen means "people's car" - it has quite the history going back to the 1930's. Will fill you in on some its history as I share the making of this Volkswagen Bug.

Here's to wonderful washes!

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