Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Volkswagen Beetle Stuffing and More Light

The Volkswagen Bug is taking on more light which is certainly bringing it to life! Hey, just got a light thought! Speaking of light and life - when I take on, or should I say, let in, more Light - I get more life! Sometimes though it is hard to let in more Light because it shows off more of my flaws. But I've learned that is part of the beauty of the fullness of Life and light does indeed transform things!

Well back to the Bug in the grass. Decided to show you two stages in this post so you could more easily compare the progress. A couple of areas to check out - the windshield and windows and note the headlight. See any difference? 

Ever seen or participated in a "Beetle Stuffing" or, as some call it, a "Bug Jam"? I remember watching about 8 people try to pack a beetle back in the '70's. Would you believe a world record of 17 was set in Dade City, FL for the 21st annual Bug Jam - and with no body parts sticking out !!! How would you like to be the ones on the floor board?

Wishing you lots of light and life - and room!

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