Saturday, October 23, 2010

Heavens Diffuse With Impacts of Light!

Just had to share a day when the heavens (first level that is) were declaring His glory of light!

It was mid September this year - we had just been to the zoo with our three grandchildren. Then decided to stop at nearby Holmes Lake Park (Lincoln, NE) to throw little rocks into the lake. What is it about throwing rocks into a lake? Here are my little rock throwers on that day.

As Gramps walked and grandkids ran over the bridge to the shoreline my attention was arrested by the impacts of light in the sky. Over the next three minutes I captured the awe above. Hope you can grasp a little of what was enthralling. Oh His wonder and the opportunity to record a moment - in time.

 I must add, those grandkids were displaying a special kind of glory too. Actually a far grander glory! What a light thought.


Valerie Bosselman said...

These photos are so magnificent it seems like they are from another world!

I smiled thinking you have three out-of-this-world grandchildren!

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks Val. Actually I have four out-of-this-world grandchildren. Olivia Grace was just born August 30th. So she is too little to be a rock thrower yet. ;o)

dirtdigger said...

SOOO lovely! Reminds me of some similar view in CO. that we shared! Congratulations on your Olivia. We have one too. A beautiful name.

Nancy Teague said...

I imagine these kinds of glorious scenes are going on all the time around the world. The key is to be at that place at that time and with time to see it!

I must add that a couple of friends noticed some things I hadn't. One saw the rearing white horse cloud and the other friend saw a rider cloud to the left. Can you see them? Isn't it great how we need others to fully see?!