Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vote to Support My VW Bug Painting in Bold Brush Competition!

 Correction as of Oct. 7th! Voting link changed!

I've entered "Bug in the Grass" in the online Bold Brush Painting Competition!

If you like this Volkswagen Beetle acrylic painting then cast your "Like" vote for it! This goes toward the "public's favorite" voting - no prizes, just part of the fun for the contest. :o) However, separate from this, the pre-selected juror will determine winners after the Oct. 31st deadline for entries. 

This is the correct competition link  - click here then click/vote "like" [if you like it :o) ] -  http://canvoo.com/boldbrush/painting/13472.

Just learned (today, Oct. 7th) the votes have to be registered on this competition site (above) to correctly count! The Facebook "likes" and the embedded code I was given do not give the true count they want. The "66" like number below as of today is not the correct count. Oh well, live and learn!

Thanks so much for your support of my art and this Bug!

Bug in the Grass by Nancy Teague

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