Monday, November 22, 2010

Lemon Solo What's Your View?

Perhaps some of you remember "Lime Solo"? He was featured in this blog post a while back. The lime light did him good. Well now 

Lemon Solo (12"x12" acrylic on canvas, ©2010 Nancy Teague)

has come on the scene. Since there isn't such a thing as 'lemon light' I guess he'll just have to enjoy the 'stage light' of the window sill. He does have a message though about "What's Your View?"

Before I introduced this Lemon in all his glory on my NancyTeagueFineArt facebook Fan Page I did a series of close-ups from this painting - "Parts That Describe the Whole". It made me think of the story of five blind men who were told to describe an elephant with each one touching only one part of the elephant. One man felt the ear and described the elephant from that limited experience. Another felt only the tail, one felt the trunk, another a leg, and the fifth man the side of the elephant. Each one so sure their 'part' explained an elephant. Obviously each individual perspective taken alone could in no way describe the whole. But when they shared with each other, their understanding of an elephant was radically changed! 

Hmm, a light thought - no one sees the whole totally. But sometimes we can be so sure we see a situation clearly and consequently aren't open to anyone else giving input. 
Our loss. :o(  
So here's to additional views. We might end up saying - "I never would have looked at it that way!" 

Let's give it a try -
Lemon Solo's 
other views! Would you have thought of these views?


Susan said...

Love your thoughts about what you are doing. Congratulations on your big win! The painting is beautiful. Your writing is very fun to read. Blessings. Susan Gutting

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks Susan for your kind and encouraging words. Blessings to you too!