Friday, November 12, 2010

Nancy Teague Has a Fan Page But Be Sure to Disconnect!

A few days ago I started a Fan Page after following a LinkedIn "ArtBiz Art Business" group's lengthy discussion on this topic. Over a year ago I kept hearing this is a good thing to do for artists to have another great venue for exposure of their work. But for me it was one more thing to figure out and do! However this LinkedIn discussion brought forth enough positives and the how to that made the action a smart move. So here's my Facebook Fan Page NancyTeagueFineArt to express more impacts of light. Check it out and if you "Like" it please click "Like"!

So today I'm reading  Lori McNee's fine art and tips blog post on unplugging to connect. Lori included a wonderful YouTube link that helps remind us to keep all these internet/cyberspace activities in the right balance. Sure FaceBook, Fan Pages, Twitter, blogs, web surfing, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, emails, texting, etc. etc. can be helpful and fun - but my how they can take over our lives. Hmmm - and to think I just started a Fan Page. Maybe I need to watch this YouTube below again - or at least on a timely basis. Really, relationships bring the most light! And that's what I want in my life.

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