Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who is the Greatest Artist?

Back in late April my husband and I attended the Opening Reception for the Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art 1st National Competition and Exhibition. I was so taken by the outstanding art work - among those this wonderful painting by Benjamin Wu entitled "The Morning Market' that won 'Best In Show'.

It was an honor to have my acrylic painting "Radio Flyer Afternoon" be part of this striking and diverse display. Here it is hanging at the show and below a partial view of the huge turn out for the reception. What a crowd there was!

Besides enjoying the opening reception we decided to drive up from Phoenix to see the Grand Canyon. I remember my response when seeing this years ago for the first time was "Wow!" - then I stood there trying to grasp it all. Sure enough, this time while on the South Rim lookout point, a gal came up to the rail and said "Wow!". I wonder how many "wows" have been said from first time viewers? And it's not just "wows" -  wordless amazement follows.

Hal and Nancy with a view to remember - wow!
These recent experiences have left me musing on who is the greatest artist? There are some amazing artists out there and some of their work make us go "Wow!" But I don't think anyone's work can keep us in speechless wonder. Surely the Most High God, the Creator of the ends of the earth, is the greatest artist. Of course His greatest 'art' work is us! Now that is a "Wow!" - consider - able to think, imagine, have complex thoughts and emotions, plan for the future, experience loving relationships, and even create!

Hmm, a light thought - all this makes me think of 2 Corinthians 4:17 - "What do you possess that has not been given to you. If then you receive it as a gift why take the credit to yourself?" Even though I believe He delights when an artist gets a "Wow!" for his or her creation I sure want to remember that He is the enabler of that "Wow!". And to never forget this amazing Creator/Artist is inherently the big "Wow" and He does incredible indescribable "Wow!" things. Here's one to consider - this "Wow!" God wants to live inside of us and be one. Now that's a "WOW!"


William Brody said...

wow, so true!

Bonnie Patterson said...

Wow, well said!!!! I have been at the Canyon several times, too, and "WOW" followed by speechless silence is all I could adequately express. Thanks for your humility in acknowledging the Creator God as the greatest Artist, and also that He is the One who enables any of us to draw, paint, or sculpt the ideas that He gives to us. All of it is from Him, and to Him, and for Him!!! Thank for that good reminder! And by the way, I do love your paintings. Thanks for all the hard work and study to be the artist who can produce such works!

Nancy Teague said...

Yes indeed - from Him, to Him, through Him, for Him! What a purpose to "be"!

Thanks William and Bonnie - it's a joy to acknowledge the "wow" together!