Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Long Did It Take To Finish This Painting?

Ever wonder how long it takes an artist to finish a painting? Those who ask that question are really just wanting to know how many hours did it take the artist? But most artists I know don't 'clock in' and 'clock out' with their paint brush in hand. Many artists could say any particular painting took a life time! What?!

Here are some aspects that tie in with time and are part of how long it takes to make a 'work of art': 
  • years of growing up - finding out who you are
  • growing in wisdom and sensitivity (hey, life has a way of giving us opportunity for those things) - that can sure lend maturity to one's artwork
  • growing in painting skills over the years
  • time involved in the inception of an idea to paint
  • time taken to travel to and explore a place where subject matter is found
  • time mulling the idea over before it's even begins to be visually expressed
  • time spent possibly sketching out an idea before ever putting it to canvas
  • time spent when taking a break from a painting to reconsider or ponder parts of the painting
  • unplanned interruptions or responsibilities in life that take the artist away from the work for a season
  • sometimes purposely putting the painting on hold because it's not flowing and a break from the work is necessary - to maintain or restore 'sanity', find the creative flow again, restore the joy of painting!
  • physical handicaps or ailments
  • needing to get that 'feel' in a painting
"Have A Chair" acrylic on canvas 40"x30"
©Nancy Teague 2011

Well, for me my newest painting, "Have A Chair", completed in August 2011 wins the prize for taking the longest time. I began this painting in February 2010. Yikes! - that's one and a half years! However, please know that all the aspects listed above are part of this painting.

Hey, I wonder if that breaks a record in longest time to complete a painting?! 

Well, there's more to the story of these chairs - additional posts coming. In the meantime, may you find a comfortable chair and enjoy some light.


cjclark said...

It's a gorgeous painting.

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks CJ.

Jennifer Ressmann said...

Hi Nancy. Interesting post. The painting is also lovely. Chairs are a great subject! As far as paintings... I can totally relate to the last bullet point. I tend to start a painting, project, whatever, and then either get pulled in another direction or stew stew stew over it.

Patty said...

Lovely painting Nancy. Worth every minute.

Nancy Teague said...

Jennifer,Thanks for your comments. Yes, chairs are a great subject matter! Sure enjoyed looking at your web site - what a unique way of showing your various work. Your photography series of tomato leaves are wonderful!

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks Patty! Appreciate your words 'worth every minute' - for many there were! Sometimes I wondered if they would ever end!