Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Place to Start New Year

What a great place to start the New Year! Not with a bunch of resolutions. Not with goals. Not with a new diet. Not with a lot of 'I should' on myself in this 2012 new year. No siree. I want to be in a place with more light/Light!

So artistically speaking my place to start the new year will be this farm house porch. A serene place, a place to reflect, a place to rest, a place to imagine, a place to remember fond memories, a place with a view to growth and seasons,  a place impacted by light, and
a place to just sit and do nothing (gasp!)

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a actual place like that? Sadly I don't have this place in reality but with brush in hand I will create this place. Here is its beginnings. Obviously I'm not going to sit here yet! But I think you can see the potential of a great place to start the New Year. Follow the process - perhaps it will be just the place for you this year!

May you have wonderful light-filled places and lots of room with a view in 2012!


Valerie Bosselman said...

I called United Airlines, and they did not have a flight available to 'rest land.' Graceland was available for single and group bookings, but not 'light and rest land.'

Your work makes me hope that "Light' airlines will come to a city near me in the near future.

Thank you for giving me hope. There is a rest for the people of God....

Nancy Teague said...

lol! Only you could come up with that flight idea.

Indeed, there is a rest - now we have to learn we don't have to work for it. It is freely given. What! I thought there was no 'free lunch'!

Hey, lunch on the porch - not a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, No New Years to do list & etc. What a GRASP!!!! smilesssssss
A place to do nothing? Oh to enjoy a bit of peace.

The thought takes me back to my Grandmother's porch, spring time while the air is still a bit cool; the sun is blistfully warm.

Thanks for all that you share with others.

Nancy Teague said...

Boy am I late to the table - just now saw your comment!

Your grandmother's porch sounds wonderful. How precious to have such a memory.

Here's to no list and doing nothing! Thanks for your thoughts.