Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Places In Your Head

Ever have 'places' you can 'see in your head' but they haven't come to fruition yet? That place can be a desire, a hope, a dream, an idea, a project, a goal. Which could involve something material, a relationship, an ability, a trip, an activity... You name it! 

An artist has lots of 'places' in their head. It may be an idea, a new creative process or technique, even a finished painting. They can just 'see' it! Like Michelangelo said -  "I saw an angel in the block of marble and I just chiseled 'til I set him free." 

My previous post explained I had found a place to start the New Year. I must confess it was 'in my head'. I'm not there yet but I am there. Hmm, a light thought. Kind of like being in the fullness of God - I am there but not yet. Even though it's not yet, yet it is - so  hope abounds and that in itself brings fullness and fulfillment.

Anyway, back to my place for 2012. Here is another stage of it coming to fruition. Obviously this place is already finished 'in my head' - but I have the joy and struggle to bring it forth. It is, but not yet!

May you find those 'places' in your head bearing fruition in due time. It's worth the wait (and the struggle)!

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