Saturday, February 4, 2012

Myopic or Into Distance?

Do you know anyone who is a micro manager? Just has to have his/her hands in everything and everybody's business? Would that be called a control issue? ;o) Do you know anyone who is nit picky? Always finding the littlest things that are wrong. Imagine they are not familiar with Joy-ville. How about those naval gazers? So self-focused and narrow that they are missing all kinds of other views. Okay, let's avoid being myopic.

Those thoughts were surfacing as I continued to work on my place for the New Year. Perhaps that is is why the title, "Red Chair With A View", seems appropriate for this painting still in progress. 

Obviously I like detail (duh! - check out my paintings) - but that is different from nit-picky! Detail can be so enlightening but there has to be the bigger picture too. Maybe that is why I am enjoying the unfolding of this painting so much. I love the view - rolling hills of growth and farmland color. Most of all there's just something about those wide open spaces and seeing into the distance. It opens one up! Hmm, a light thought - here is God so into detail He knows the number of hairs on our head, His thoughts toward each one of us outnumber the sand (gosh, I wonder if He likes math!) - yet, He has called us to unsearchable places in Him. Talk about wide open spaces - now there's a view! The good news is we can enjoy that perspective even now. Hey, He might even show us some detail while the distance is enlarging our view. Oh to get the full picture! That reminds me - someday this painting will be done - finally the full picture will come into full view.

Wishing you the fullest of view. 


Rebecca Knicely said...

i love this painting and the combo of colors

Nancy Teague said...

Thanks Rebecca! I've put the painting on hold for a while - lets me critique from a distance and close up - and ponder what to do about what I see! ;o)