Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art Studio Storage Closet

Need a studio closet? Not enough storage room? How to organize all your art stuff?
My art studio room happens to adjoin our "L" shaped garage. Since I had no storage closet in my studio, several years ago the bright idea occurred to cut a hole in the adjoining wall and build a little 4'x5' closet. Now don't start cutting a hole anywhere! This was a support wall so a header had to be included in the doorway. Worked great but alas over time storage area was running out and floor space just to walk in was shrinking. Wish I had taken a 'before' photo! Anyway, time to enlarge! Yay! Since childhood I loved building things - give me a hammer, a saw, and a paintbrush and I'm a happy camper! Studs, drywall, mudding complete - here's the garage side view - note the little jut out wall behind me which made my enlarged closet "L" shaped too. The design was influenced by needed traffic flow in the garage - a compromise with my husband. ;o)

Here's some inside pics that may give you some ideas on storage. In this picture notice the peg board by the side of the door - handy to hang often used tools. For shelves I purchased two 4x8' sheets of melamine (a white formica-like material over particle board) from Home Depot and had them cut the sheets to various shelf sizes - they do not charge for cutting (isn't that wonderful!). This saved a lot of money by not buying pre-finished shelves plus I got to customize my shelf sizes. By sanding and painting the cut ends of my shelves they matched the smooth white melamine finish. 

Most shelves were cut at 12" depth but next to the peg board are 8" - didn't need deep shelves there and didn't block doorway entrance flow. The adjustable metal strips and shelf brackets make for accommodating flexible shelf storage - even over the door way! A little tip - best to line up the strips with studs - much more secure that way.

This is a view of the little nook where I also put a workout machine.

Close up of heavy duty bracket. 

For my larger items - canvases, frames, finished paintings - I used19" heavy duty shelf supports (from Home Depot) secured into studs with  2'x4' melamine shelf.
Because I didn't run the 'canvas' shelves wall to wall that side space on the left allowed for extra large canvases (30"x40", 36"x48", etc).

Purchasing commercial carpet from an overstock roll at the carpet store made for an economical floor surface.Heating/cooling was possible by cutting into the nearby duct work trunk in the adjoining wall to my studio and adding a register near the ceiling.

Here's to more storage space for all artists!

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