Sunday, May 20, 2012

ISAP Online Open Exhibition Teague Accepted

Well how about that! My acrylic painting "Radio Flyer Afternoon" was accepted in the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) 4th Annual Online Open Exhibition! You can view the painting at this ISAP Exhibition link. The juror, author of a best selling book on watermedia technique and known for her expressive paintings, was Marilyn Hughey Phillis.
"Radio Flyer Afternoon" 24x30" (c)Nancy Teague
Perhaps some of you are thinkin' 'I've seen this painting before' - right on! - it's been in three other national exhibitions/competitions. For instance my "On the Road Again" post tells of its travels to  the Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ. The wagon was also accepted in the NOAPS Best of America 2010 where it won an "Award of Excellence". In addition Radio Flyer was included in the Bold Brush Fav15 May 2011 Online Competition. The FAV15 represents the "Favorite 15%" by FASO and FineArtViews Staff Members from the hundreds of the entries in the May 2011 online competition. One more trip it took was to Estes Park Cultural Arts Center to be part of the gallery's featured show NOAPS Signature Members "Vision for the New Decade"

Seems this little wagon is getting around! Some day it will find a good home where this painting will remind the viewer(s) of childhood memories, stir thoughts of simpler days, speak of family times, and wonderful children's imagination. Maybe "Radio Flyer Afternoon" is doing that right now for you!

Wishing you happy light-filled warm feelings and memories.

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