Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tomato Times

Well it's tomato times again! Yes, it's 'times' not 'time' for my point.

Anybody 'do' tomatoes? My grandpa grew tomatoes in the alley by the side of his house - must have been great soil, he raised yummy tomatoes. Made really yummy by my parents putting sugar on them. Sure got me, my brothers, and sister to eat them when we were little. No sugar needed now - guess I grew up. Of course today we have a healthy incentive to eat them because of the lycopene they contain!

Here's my one and only tomato plant this year - 5 feet tall by 4 1/2 feet wide! That'd be huge! All kinds of baby tomatoes on the vines cruising towards big. Can't wait to get some vine-ripened tomatoes!
But to help in the wait I found myself stirred to paint these end-time harvest tomatoes from my garden last fall. As they were ripening on the window sill I thought - what a great painting idea! With photos taken they were filed away for their time to be expressed in another way.

Fall Tomatoes 11"x14" ©2012 Nancy Teague

Hmm, a light thought - tomatoes have their 'times' as do we. But tomatoes don't worry about the time it takes. Reminds me of Jesus' words -  "Why are you worried (I'll add impatient)...observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin..." (Mt 6:28) Jesus went on to say how full of glory they were even though they didn't work at it! BTW - we too carry a glory when we are in Him. Wouldn't it be wonderful to not toil or spin with worry? Oh to trust and rest like that.

So I'm thinkin' maybe when we are waiting for something to happen (for the ripened time to come) that we could think of something else that did ripen over time. Maybe from a memory, something in our possession (hey, a painting?!), a place to see again, an activity we can do that will encourage us, or how about a Bible verse? (say Jeremiah 29:11) Just something that will help us not to 'spin' with worry and impatience, that will remind us to rest and just let the ripening time happen in its time.

Wishing you restful 'tomato times'.

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